An introvert’s Christmas at the farm

THIS…. will be our very first Christmas in our new home.

This year… will be the first in nearly 25 years I will not be running around town dodging the traffic, shoppers, weather, and my anxiety.

This year… I will be enjoying the peaceful space that has finally manifested into our reality.

I’ve been fantasizing of living in the country on a simple little farm , in a quaint little farmhouse all of my life.  My spirit needs It.  It craves it.  And for the last 10 years especially, it’s been screaming for it.

My husband and I joke that I could go into town once a month for “provisions” and be perfectly happy.

Two and a half years ago , on one of our Sunday drives out in the country… we found the perfect spot. Ten acres, just outside of town , down a dirt road, surrounded by pecan trees , horses, farm land, and good people.

The process hasn’t been easy, but through it all … its been right.  And now, here I am. Waking up in the home I designed, to the most beautiful foggy view out the bedroom window.  A cup of coffee at the kitchen table with the morning  sun shining in through the kitchen window. Just as I’d planned.

So…. This Christmas I am doing what I love. Not what the world says I should. I will listen to music. I will bake a few cookies. I will walk my property and collect the gifts from nature and make Christmas decorations. I will be my introverted self and make no apologies. Christmas shopping and  parties are not for me. I have done it all for the ones that I Love year after year. But at this age, in this time of my life,  those loved ones by now Know my love and they understand what my soul needs.

My Christmas wish for you all is that you create in your life what your soul needs.  Feed your soul so that you don’t lose sight of  what this time is about. If we burn ourselves out , we have nothing left to give.  Consider less things and more moments to treasure. For those of us who already have what we need and so much more , how about we find the ones who don’t, and spend your time and money on them.


will be here.

Thankful beyond words for all the years, challenges, hard work and dreams that have landed me here…

where my soul is fed.

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