What if…

What if I actually used this blog… what if I just wrote… without trying to impress?

What if I didn’t care about looking perfect to everyone who sees  this?

Are there others out there? Bloggers that are real?  That don’t spend hours writing and rewriting… hours making themselves look “perfect” … hours getting the perfect photo or video that are planned out and cropped perfectly so you don’t get the real world in the shot.

What if I revisited the idea of sharing myself completely as an exercise in trust in mankind… or of valuing myself just the way I am… to reveal the real side of life…. or best of all … attempting to appreciate every part of this big picture.

The beautiful… the mess…everything .72F8C44D-982A-4723-9A8F-6992B7141C45 The missed shot… the weird face… the wrinkles and age spots ?

What if we all shared the dirt on the floor and the weeds in our manicured lawns?

There, for certain, are times in life ,in order to survive, we have to crop out all the crap. Create ourselves a sort of narrow lense to find the beauty struggling to be seen.

But … when used too often, a whole other world is created… an ultra idealistic


fake world.



I don’t want to be fake.

What about you?

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